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Mobile CCTV Solutions

Armour Security can provide customised solutions using reliable and compliant products for remote CCTV and Access Control requirements.
  • Fixed and Mobile Solutions
  • Quick Deployment
  • Hire Options

Security Made Simple

Mobile Access Control

Royal Eagle can provide large scale Solar Access Control solutions for remote and off-grid requirements

  • Scalable multi-site solutions
  • Efficient and cost-effective solutions

Security Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile CCTV Protection

High quality mobile CCTV solutions with PTZ cameras, thermal camera, radar and multi-sensor cameras for complete monitoring solution

Solar Solution Benefits

Crime Deterrent

We can provide solutions to protect your assets even in remote locations using smart solar solutions

Your Assets Protected

Providing a physical barrier or surveillance solution to keep your assets secure and protected

Scalable Technology

Our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows keeping you secure from small scale to enterprise solutions

Remote Access

We understand the importance to maintain connected to your remote assets and systems

Securing Geelong's Businesses

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