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Armour Security understands the importance of securing your workforce, assets and site obligations

We will customise a solution for your business with solutions from a single site to multi-site enterprise scalable systems.

We provide a range of Access Control solutions

Facility Hardening

We provide everything from automatic door operator installations, security door repairs or upgrades, and we can provide civil design and implementation.

Bluetooth Access Control Solutions

We provide solutions for mobile/Bluetooth capable systems ,As technology evolves our systems will grow with the latest features

Visitor Management

Integrated solutions for management of visitors and contactors to assist with Emergency situations & OH&S Obligations

Bio Metrics

Bio Metrics & Dual factor authentication for high security access

In House Software Development

Highly trained staff and in house engineers will design based on your custom software requirements, we also provide industry experts in enterprise system optimisations.

API Interfaces

Simplify control room management, smart, informative solutions to provide a detailed assessment of the situations or automated processes reducing duplication of services and labour within your workforce

Access Control Benefits

Crime Deterrent

Access control provides the ability to restrict unauthorised entry protecting your workforce, assets and your Business

Your Assets Protected

Providing a physical barrier to keep your assets protected

Scalable Technology

Our solutions are designed to grow as your business grows keeping you secure from small scale to enterprise solutions

Remote Access

Live control of your systems allows for remote assistance and monitoring of your business

Securing Geelong's Businesses

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