Armour Security Under New Management

Armour Security Under New Management

We are advising of some changes to Armour Security.  

From August 1st 2022, Armour Security is operating with new ownership. Armour Security will become part of the Royal Eagle Security group, operated by Mark and Daniel Guiney. The Armour staff, premises and name will be retained with a plan to add enhanced state-wide coverage for the Royal Eagle and Armour clients.

Gino Tigani has been running Armour Security successfully for over 35 years and has been working to provide Armour with a pathway forward for long-term growth, staff development opportunities and advanced systems capability for the growing Geelong Region. Royal Eagle’s involvement with Armour provides that pathway. Gino was a former owner of Royal Eagle Security until 1998.

There are strong synergies between the two companies, both being family-owned, customer-focused businesses. Royal Eagle has some additional products that will be added to Armour, including Enterprise level Access Control and CCTV (Gallagher and Milestone, Avigilon, Axis cameras) whilst continuing the current Armour product suite (Tecom, Integriti, IDIS and Vivotek). Royal Eagle is a family-owned business based in Port Melbourne and has been providing industry-leading systems and solutions for over 35 Years. Mark and Daniel of Royal Eagle identified Armour Security as a Premier security company in Geelong and are looking forward to adding their experience to provide additional system development capability and growth opportunities to Armour Security.

What is not changing? ·

  • Armour Security Name
  • Phone Number · Friendly and Professional Staff
  • Prompt Customer Service
  • Like Gino, Mark and Daniel are both Geelong Cats supporters!

We are proud to join the Armour team and continue the development and growth of Armour Security. Mark and Daniel Guiney.